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problem, because as the economy slows down, as long as the national recession lasts, it makes it harder and harder for municipal governments to balance their budget. > a lot of municipalities count on federal dollars that flow coming, and that is drying up too. so they are under stress. > > right. and that is why washington is important to everyone. it might seem like the sequestration is a problem in washington, but that money does come down to the states either through block grants or for transportation grants, and that money has to get squeezed out at the capital level, and it is going to be harder. the driver will be how long is the recession going to last, and how deep is it going to be? > if these cities you talked about and a couple of counties are basket cases, how are other cities that are having real stress problems dealing with it, because their big-budget item is what? employees. > > employees. right. so municipal government is a service enterprise, and when you have a service enterprise - police, fire, pave the roads, whatever it is - that implies employees, and when your l
they count on the events. >> it brings in a lot of money and helps the economy. >> what we want to do is make sure people know the event is happening this year. >>reporter: the new organizations say that the large festival will be scaled back. >> we're not going to have seven stages. what we're going to go is go back to the way it started. >>reporter: residents gathered this evening to help organize and raise money. >>> proposed ban on assault weapons has little chance of surviving. it will not be part of the initial gun control measure that will be debated this month. the senator was told today that the band will be offered as an amendment. it is expected to be met with solid opposition from republicans. >>> a new hand book has a death to the laws of war to cyber space. the manual was created at the request of a nato sink tanking to show how hospitals and neutral nations can be protected in the case of warfare. >>> apple today launch and update to its ios operating system. it fixes a flaw that allows unauthorized users to get around the password lock screen on iphones, ipads, and itouches. >
a statement side saying the economy has strengthened but still needs support toey lower unemployment. it plans to keep interest rates low until unemployment falls to 6.5%. the rate is now at a now year low at 7.7%. >> this will also help push for stocks. nasdaq rose. >>> shopping made easier, the new program, major big box retails preparing to offer in the south bay. >>> in heyward, the downtown hoop is getting some action. the project wrapped up, converted several major two way streets to one way streets. the cities it's received e-mails both praising and criticizing it. the drivers aren't n place aren't enough, some drivers say. the cities it's working on it. >> the concern is having valid with the changes that have been made not having the signs up to make it a little bit more confusing for people to recognize where they are, for the landmarks, and in the other direction, it makes it easier. >> some businesses say they were affected when construction started but it's slowly getting better. >>> there's a new round of controversial ads coming to san francisco with antimuslim messages. the new
. that is a good thing. >> reporter: in the improving economy the public offerings have done well this year. >> it shows there is confidence coming back into the marketplace when you see all of these ipos coming to the marketplace. >>> one reason they are attractive these days compared to government bonds and pass book saving accounts that pay nothing if you are willing to take a little bit of a risk in the stock market you really can make some money. >> we could have up to 33ipos raising about $8.5 billion in revenues, that is positive for the market. >> the only worry that investors drove marins prices artificially high like facebook. that is lingering below the initial offering price. back to you. >>> it looks like tkpwaog sell is hopping on the smart watchband wagon. the company is exploring making a watch with android technology that would connect with its smart phone. google has made a splash with the internet connected glasses thank you see there. they are already in the works. apskpel samsung are working on watches. no word when the google watch could hit the market. >>> the camp su
and the economy. a suprising new study from shows when the payroll tax cut ended this year, it did not have a major effect on all consumers. "more than half of americans haven't noticed the payroll tax expiring at the first of the year. and, even more surprising, those that were expected to cut back on their spending as a result - the lower-income households - are the least likely to have cut back on their spending." greg mcbride of says americans earning between $50,000 and $75,000 were more likly to cut back on spending because of higher payroll taxes, compared to people making $50,000 or less, who did not change their spending habits as much. tuning in now to some corporate earnings, friday, two big-name stocks provided a lift to the markets. tiffany sparkled when it reported solid 4th-quarter results as sales in asia picked up, especially for silver jewelry, while darden restaurants also beat the street. revenue was up thanks to some new restaurant locations. however, it did see net income drop due to slower sales at red lobster. the chain has been in heated compet
on with the economy... fed ex shares hit a road block with investors-- falling-- more than 7 dollars yesterday.. after the company revealing profits fell 30% last quarter wtih weakness in asia. the company also pulled back on its full year forecast. shares of caterillar lost more than a dollar. the construction equipment company said sales of its machines are down 13%. homebuilder lennar attracted buyers as the stock rallied $2 as the company reported its well positioned for this year and next. monster energy is changing the way it markets its products. energy drinks will now be classified as a "beverage" -- instead of a "dietary supplement." under the switch: monster will no longer be required to inform regulators about reports linking its drink to injury or deaths. rockstar energy made a similar move. energy drinks are under intense scrutiny after a 14 year old girl died after drinking two cans in one day. as for the tobacco industry.. graphic images of diseased lungs will "not" appear on cigarette labels. the government has dropped its push for such warnings on packages and will go bac
of a little hoops in the office, john challenger says it's not even a blip in the overall economy, and that sequestration will have a far bigger impact. if at first you don't succeed, you know what they say. mcdonald's is rolling out something new on its menu: the chicken mcwrap. the chain has been trying a menu makeover to keep up with changing customer tastes & the competition. wendy's and burger king are adding their own healthy options. more about fast food competition later in our traders unplugged segment. home sales hit a hot streak early in the year. sales of pre-owned homes hit nearly 5 million in february, the highest in more than three years, and up 10% from last year, according to the national association of realtors. the median home price jumped nearly 12%, to more than $173,000. sales got boosts from a temporary $5,000 tax cut, fewer foreclosures, and low mortgage rates. the postal service gets a "return to sender" notice from the u.s. senate. remember when the postal service said there would no longer be saturday mail delivery as of august? that was one of the thing
of money and it helps the economy. >> we want to do is make sure that people know that the event is happening this clear. >> reporter: the new organizers say that the large festival will be scaled back. >> we're not going to have seven stages. we'll go back to the way carnaval started. >> reporter: residents and business owners gatted at at this theater to organize, volunteer and offer to help raise money. in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> uc students hoping to earn degree credits online may not be able to after all. university of california faculty leaders announced their opposition to legislation that would allow public college students to earn credits online. the bill would allow students who can't get into overcrowded classes to take similar online courses from outside institutions. >>> state where sheman tom amemiano introduced legislation that would make policing cannabis laws the responsibility of california alcoholic bench control. it would provide a structure for medical cannabis cultivation, processing, testing and description. >>> a few light showers
: the money spent on basketball -- >> is that all for you? >> reporter: will drivel through the local economy. $20million every time the ncaa comes to town. this is the third time in seven years. >> 15, 17 hours a day, we've been here in the building. we love it. it's march madness, it's fantastic. >> reporter: with ice hockey a shortened season, six basketball games over today and saturday are especially welcome. for cal, it's almost like a home court. >> fans are so close to the action. it creates a terrific atmosphere. >> reporter: loud too at local bars and restaurants, where the games dominate tv. >> cardinal fans, rams fans, and big billikens fans. >> reporter: this couple from st. louis got their win, then watched all day. >> i can't believe how clean and beautiful the city is. everybody that we've seen has been so great to us. even the opposing team. >> especially the first two days of the ncaa tournament. a lot of upsets. you can hear the buzz, and people are pretty fired up here. >> reporter: once a cal player, now a fan, this dad paid $100 a ticket. >> i've only been here to see ma
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9